Deauville: Spectacular seaside resort town

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Deauville (Normandie,France) is a glamorous seaside resort which has plenty to offer all year round. It is home to the American Film Festival and various international polo and horse-racing events. It is often frequented by stars who enjoy its traditional glamorous atmosphere but modern facilities. Deauville, together with Trouville and Cabourg, provides the basis for the Norman coastal resort of Balbec in Marcel Proust's "Search for Lost Time", and there are many references to the famous intellectual around the town.
This sophisticated town of elegant distractions and good taste knows how to extend a welcome, and there is certainly something for everyone here. A long-time favourite with yachtsmen, the internationally-renowned sea resort offers a stylish appeal to visitors, with its fine hotels, casino and sea bathing establishment. The famous 700 yard-long wooden promenade provides an amazing spectacle, with its expanse of multi-coloured parasols behind which the constant play of sunshine on ever-moving clouds and water creates an impressionist back-drop. Deck-chairs and beach huts are the indispensable accessories for admiring this picture, which takes on a new dimension during the annual American film festival.  Each year the International Centre creates a rich program that fully justifies the resort's claim to be a first-rank cultural centre. At the same time, Deauville is a magnet to equestrian fans from all over the world, with its horse races and stud farms that attract enthusiasts and laymen alike.  (

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Photo: Miljana Krstic, Deauville, Normandie [OC]