Timeless Beauty and Rich History of Barcelona

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Barcelona is one of the most beautiful destinations of Spain, if you want  the really experience a real beauty, you do not need a full wallet. City on a human scale - that could be characterized Barcelona.
The city of a million people, with architecture that you will instantly fall in love, has got a beautiful parks to. The one that we liked the most is the Park Guell - a place that  like to come and the residents and visitors of Barcelona, regulated place where still the most important part of the stamp provide the genius Antonio Gaudi, a modernist architect, whose buildings are famous in Barcelona.
The harmony of nature and architecture here is up to perfection and at times you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Strange houses and forms, in which the famous Gaudi are immediately  sneaking off under the skin. There are other city parks- Montjuic, Barcelona on a hill above where the cable car goes, Ciutadella next to the old part of Barcelona, ​​where you can find lakes and fountains ...

But what is probably the most exciting visitors of Barcelona is Sagrada Familia church, another in a series of magnificent Gaudi's works. Which is at first sight literally breathtaking. Her height, bulking, very unusual shapes, towers ...
Of course, unavoidable is the main street called La Ramblas.It connects Catalunya square and the coast, from the place where Christopher Columbus sailed to America, also you can find a monument here.
Rambla is constantly flowing river of people from morning to evening. Street performers are on every corner, also there are restaurants, shops and interesting architecture. Here, near the Liceu Opera House, is the famous Boqueria market, covered with a metal roof, which gives it a special touch.
Culture is an important part of life in Barcelona too.
With numerous museums, including the Picasso’s, Joan MirĂ³’s also known as  chocolate museum, can be visited and there are popular exhibition spaces, such as the recent, triangle building called Forum.
As far as food is concerned I always try the food of the country where i am, something new and cheaper.

For Spain are specific paella and tapas, or small portions, so the point is that in one meal you can eat several foods. With festivals and carnivals they are celebrating each season cause inn Barcelona there is always something to be celebrated, from the grape harvest in the fall to celebration of the Day of Santa Eulalia in winter and fantastic Terrassa Jazz Festival in the spring, after which follows a summer arts festival and many others. 

Story: Aleksandra Krsmanovic, Novosti online