New York restaurants and more then fantastic cuisine

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One of the halmarks of New York are his restaurants and more then fantastic cuisine. Here you can try almost evry world cuisine. You have got ethiopean one just right around the corner. In Brooklyn you have got a Uighur one, and also Vietnamese, Korean, Malaysian, Brazilian ... My personal favorite so far is tai. Beside the restaurants you have a fast food restaurants like a Indian guy that you can find with his mobile behind the counter at Washington Square Park. Ther is also Mamoun's Falafel who is real hit, and the queue is enormous, subsequently israelian, marokan, chinese food, bakerys and pizzerias.
(Here you can not find anything salty except empty kroasan) Restoran cuisine is very developed here, Peopla are oten eating in restaurants, some of then 3 meals a day. Here you can breakfats in restaurants, and I guess nobody is making coffee at home because everybody buys it- usually in Starbucks. You can find Starbuch in almost every street. Contrary to good restaurants there are food chains like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Dunkin Donuts, Subway. Somethimes they are hard to resist esspecialy when you want to eat something sweat. Only for comparison a sandwich with cheese and ham in Dunkin Donats costs 3 Dollars, and in restaurant it costs 6 dollars. In Dunkin Donats they are Dunkin sandwich that you create one removed from the refrigerator roll of yellow color, cut a reel and reel with cheese and ham inserted into a bagel or croissant, and all together in the microwave, while in café they bake eggs in front of you. Anyway, that was the one of the most interesting things there- omelet sandwich, we did not hear than anyone is making a sandwich with eggs. In fact here they literally push all in the sandwich, so I'm not much surprised. I definetly learned how to make a sandwich in 100 ways.

Who wants to skip the restaurant and eat well, he can buy in"gourmet food stores" ,the store that sell organic food and it is than the one you can buy in a regular supermarket or small grocery stores.
One of better places you can buy is Zabar on Upper West Side who is there since 20s last century.

They have a large selection of cheeses, and in the end of  buisiness hour they have got a sandwiches on sale.
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In ordianary supermarkets which are also suplied well, they are selling "food for the masses" that churns out the big, food is atrifical and they are doing everything to make it cheaper but therefore food is unhealthy.
Of course there are exceptions everywhere, I do not want to sound too harsh, but it really has that effect. In America, it is noticeable that the poorer the federal state is.You can find more obese, which can be detected from the New York City when you go down in poorer neighborhoods.

Of all the things put in the food you can only think when some products stand out as "no antibiotics", or cheese but if you look better you can see smaller inscribed "cheese like product", or "product that looks like cheese" and immediately it is clear therefore that cost $ 1.5 and the other, real cheese $ 4. Not to mention that something called "corn syrup" is present in almost every processed food item, or in some canned beans says "vegetarian" and then try to imagine what you have in those where is not written that it is vegetarian ...

Another weird thing are  pharmacies, cause you can buy there almost everything. Pharmacies are open 24 hours, selling sweets, snacks, soft drinks, bread, home care. ... If you call and even drug stores for a wider range it is overdoed again.
They is a lot of "Vitamin Shop's" where you can buy all kinds of products that will help make up for the lack of this or any other minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Proteins, capsules, energy, anti-depressants, the entire pharmaceutical industry in this kind of stores.

Buy and consume, because it is important to enter the daily antioxidants and minerals and amino acids and vitamins, and enzymes. So buying cheap bad food and then going to vitamin shop to buy additional supplements. So it is best to immediately save time and buy something worthwhile,  for a little more money (again, if you want to be healthy), but sometimes the situation can still lead to a lower price, and try not to think too much about what you eat.

Judging by the crowds in the stores that sell good food, it would seem that New Yorkers are still aware of what they are putting in thereselves, but again other stores would not exist at every corner that there are not those who buy there ...

Story:  Slobodan, Photo:  Ana Carolina